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There’s a whole lot of us over at our HQ, Raving Towers, but here’s just a flavour of some of our Ravers, who they are, and what matters most to them. 

Kenny Bain


As our CEO, Kenny oversees all day to day aspects of the company from setting direction and strategy to removing obstacles and barriers both for ourselves and our customers. He is also responsible for corporate development and driving our international growth.

Large brands showing a lack of empathy for their customers. I recently switched my mobile contract and was mistakenly charged for 6 months, and the operator in question refused to take ownership of the problem.

The personal touch; when people go above and beyond to make my everyday experiences special – from welcoming drinks in local restaurants to my bank manager understanding my preferences and acting accordingly.

Jen Morris

VP of Marketing

Oversees globalising the Raveolution, focusing on lead generation, events, webinars and industry awards. Jen is also responsible for key Raving messaging, brand awareness and analyst relations.

Soulless, scripted contact centre conversations, with endless hold music.

Any experience where you can tell that the staff are truly passionate about what they do, whether it’s a small local restaurant or department store, if the staff are engaged it’s infectious.

Charlotte Colley

VP of Business Operations

Overseeing our operating system, The EOS Model™; Charlotte is responsible for continuous improvement throughout the business, working to support all departments to achieve our vision and goals.

When I’m standing in a long queue and I look around to see members of staff chatting. It doesn’t make me feel valued as a customer and makes me question how supportive the staff are of each other.

When brands or employees go out of their way to make you feel special. On a recent trip to York, the receptionist spotted it was my birthday and arranged for a birthday cake and bubbles to be waiting in our room!

Steven Thurlow


Oversees product and technology strategies, producing the best Raving technologies for our customers, from roadmap to delivery operations.

Brands failing to communicate when you know there is a problem. On a recent trip I was informed that my flight was cancelled after going through security, rather than when I first arrived at bag drop.

Attention to the little things that make an experience work, whether it’s bottled water in a Hilton hotel room, or a phone call from Avis when my flight is delayed to check what time I can pick up the car.

Phil Evans


Focuses on driving the growth of the Raveolution both here in the UK, and on an International basis. Phil is also responsible for our Partners & Channels, Business Development and the wider sales process.

Business-based social platforms seem to have lost their way. The amount of sponsored/ad content is off putting, and for me, they have moved too far away from their original purpose and have lost their mojo.

MAN v FAT, it’s a weight loss club specifically targeted at men. It revolves around weekly 5-a-side football where your weight loss also counts as ‘goals’. It creates a great team spirit and is a real success story across the UK.

Amanda Morris


Oversees financial planning and reporting, including tax audit and statutory compliance. Amanda is also responsible for HR, legal and commercial affairs.

How hard it can be to make an appointment at your local doctors. Bookings must be made over the phone by calling at 8.00 am, I feel as though there must be a simpler way!

Mercedes – I have had my car for around a year now and the service I’ve received during this period has been excellent, right down to them arranging my first service and organising a courtesy car for me.

Chris Allen


Oversees our obsession with all things customer, including services, retention and best practice. Chris is also responsible for our own customer success strategy and feedback management.

When I receive a 30-question survey that lacks relevance for me and is full of questions about things the supplier already knows.

When our clients capture real customer stories as a way of bringing the statistics to life. For transformational change, all employees must be able to visualise and feel the impact on real people’s lives.

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