Challenger energy company, extraenergy, has appointed Rant & Rave, the leader in real-time customer engagement technology, to transform its customer experience programme and maximise both the quantity and quality of customer feedback.

extraenergy will use the Rant & Rave Platform to ensure it is getting to the heart of its customers’ experiences. extraenergy’s customers will be able to express authentic, emotional reactions to interactions, in their own words, waving goodbye to the traditional survey-led feedback of yesterday. By allowing customers to share what’s truly important to them, in channels of their choosing, it is aiming for higher response rates and a wealth of actionable insight.

Nick Read, Group CEO at extraenergy, says: “As a growing energy company, it’s vital for us to understand what we are doing well for our customers, and what we can improve upon. Following a competitive process, we chose the Rant & Rave Platform because of its real-time Sentiment Engine. While the depth of the team’s experience within the utilities sector also gave it a crucial edge.   

“Rant & Rave will allow us as a business to take a multi-level approach to customer engagement and make changes at both a strategic and tactical level.  Crucially, we will be able to share the feedback across the wider business and with frontline staff; this will enable us to make both top-line strategic decisions, as well as prompting small behavioural adjustments from staff to improve customer experience in real time.”

Rant & Rave’s Fast Feedback solution lets brands capture customer experiences and then interprets them via a Sentiment Engine to accurately understand every word. Once the feedback has been captured and analysed, extraenergy will be able to share this, via a customised dashboard, in real-time across the business including to frontline employees, enabling them to constantly improve customer service. This type of feedback analysis will allow extraenergy to de-couple revenue growth and success from headcount growth by becoming more streamlined and operating with greater productivity.

Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave, says: “We’re thrilled to be working with extraenergy, a business that is placing customers firmly at the heart of its organisation. As a company, it is making a conscious shift to move away from business-driven surveys to customer-led feedback, with a focus on emotion. extraenergy will not simply gain more insight, but will also be able to derive value from the insight. This can be used to drive the company forward, resulting in customer experience improvements as well as creating a significant and tangible business impact.”

About Extra Energy

extraenergy believes in making life better for energy customers. It offers some of the UK’s cheapest tariffs, backed up by a promise to always treat customers fairly – it’s a challenger energy company that exists to give customers a great deal.

Everyday it makes choices about the way it does business. It chooses to do what’s right for its customers, and has designed every part of its business to allow it to meet this objective. It is ambitious and exists to give customers the chance to save money whilst providing great service.

It offers:

  • Highly competitive energy rates for homes and businesses
  • A friendly and approachable service
  • UK based customer care teams
  • Easy to understand bills and documents
  • Flexibility from a lean and efficient organisation