Together Housing has shared how Rant & Rave’s real-time customer engagement technology has revolutionised its customer service, at Europe’s largest housing event later this month.

Anil Mehta, Together Housing’s Customer Insight Manager, teamed up with Nick Boxall-Hunt, Sector Manager, Rant & Rave, for a presentation at the inaugural TECH@Housing, which launched at this year’s Chartered Institute of Housing Conference in Manchester.

In April 2017, Together Housing adopted The Rant & Rave Platform to capture customer feedback. Following completion of a transaction or service, a feedback request is sent to each customer via SMS, giving them the opportunity to share how they really feel about their experience. Once captured, the feedback is then available to staff and managers in real-time through an online dashboard.

Since implementing Rant & Rave, Together Housing has seen a response rate of 30%, compared to around 20% response rates from traditional postal and telephone surveys. Not only has the platform captured 37,400 pieces of individual feedback, with an average score of 4.5 out of five for satisfaction, but also helped save over £100K in resources within its first 12 months of operation by placing the customer’s voice at the heart of the business.

Stephen Batley, Together Housing Group Head of Business Improvement, said: “Rant & Rave enables us to receive daily feedback, as near to ‘in the moment’ as possible, allowing us to respond to specific issues more rapidly, while still maintaining a deep understanding of our customers. Using it alongside traditional methods will mean Together Housing is even more responsive to customer need.

“In addition to benefitting our customers, staff have also welcomed the system as it offers the opportunity for recognition of good customer service and extra support where needed.”

Nick Boxall-Hunt, Sector Manager, Rant & Rave, added: “The nature of resident feedback is changing as housing associations, like Together Housing, realise the benefit of capturing customer emotion in the moment.

“By requesting feedback immediately after an interaction, as opposed to 24 hours or even a week after the event, customers are more likely to give an accurate account of their experience and the elements that mattered to them.

“Closing the loop with customers is also an important part of the feedback process. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, it’s essential information, and letting the customer know that their feedback was useful can help with recovery and encourage higher satisfaction scores following future interactions.

“If the comments are positive, the customer can be thanked and the positivity can be celebrated internally, especially by the teams or individuals involved in the interaction. This engagement ensures employees have a clear understanding of how their actions affect the customer experience, driving continuous improvement on an individual and organisational level, which may not have been possible with monthly surveys.”

About Together Housing

Together Housing Group is one of the country’s largest social landlords with nearly 38,000 homes primarily focused in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Key concentrations of properties are found in Blackburn with Darwen, Calderdale, Pendle and Rossendale.

The Group also comprises Harewood Housing Society which delivers home ownership and leasehold services, Pendleton Together (a private finance initiative based in Salford) and Together Energy which delivers renewable and low cost energy solutions. Newground Together delivers environmental and community projects and has a charity arm which delivers social and environmental change.