Orbit is the first ever housing association to use real-time customer feedback. The platform developed by customer engagement specialists, Rant & Rave, is the organisation’s principal method for listening to what customers are saying.

Already used by the likes of npower, Sky and easyJet, Orbit is the first in the housing sector to use the innovative platform. Real-time feedback allows staff to respond to concerns raised by customers quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Previously Orbit conducted telephone surveys with residents to monitor customer satisfaction, but research found that the process resulted in disengaged staff who felt removed from the feedback loop.

With real-time feedback, after a service request has been completed, customers are invited to share a comment and score on their experience via text message, email, or via a voice recording. The scores and comments are then analysed in real-time and presented back to staff using specially designed Fast Feedback dashboards

Dean Ballard, Head of Performance Excellence, said: “Rant & Rave has allowed Orbit to bring the voice of the customer front and centre within the business, change the way we think about service improvement and ensure that staff at all levels start to engage and own customer feedback.”

Dennis Fois, CEO, Rant & Rave, said: “It’s clear to see that Orbit is committed to the customer experience, leading the way in the housing sector. We’re excited to support Orbit with their customer-centric strategy, not only listening to customers in real-time, but utilising on-going dialogue to improve interactions.”

Real-time feedback has been rolled out across all of Orbit’s major service areas including the Customer Service Centre, responsive repairs, planned maintenance, housing management, and gas servicing.

More than 30,000 survey responses have been received to date and following the successful piloting of the platform, real-time feedback is now the organisation’s primary method for gathering regular service experience feedback.

The real-time feedback project has also helped change the way feedback is managed and acted upon across the business.  A Resolution Team has been introduced to the customer service centre to proactively manage negative customer feedback.

Customer service advisers can now identify an issue, contact the customer and put in steps to resolve any problems within 48 hours of receiving feedback.

Since implementing the feedback platform, the organisation are now working at a vastly improved volume of feedback, with response rates up and customers engaging well with the new method, service levels have also steadily improved -achieving an average satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5.

Real-time feedback has also had a positive impact on staff as it helps to identify where staff are going above and beyond their role on a daily basis. Managers can use this information to reward and recognise good performance in real time too.  Within its Customer Service Centre, the use of real-time feedback has helped to drive a decrease in sickness rate to less than 5% and a 70% reduction in the number of advisers on improvement plans.

To find out more, you can watch a short video here to see how real-time feedback has benefited Orbit’s staff and customers.

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