Nigel Shanahan

Founder & Chairman

About Nigel

Back in 2000, Nigel’s dream for Rant & Rave began after a terrible cup of coffee at a motorway service station. Mobile phone in hand, Nigel wished there was a way he could tell the company about his experience. Then the ‘light bulb moment’ struck. With an MBA from Warwick Business School and bags of business experience already behind him, Rant & Rave was born. Nigel is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association and regularly speaks at industry events about how to turn customers into Ravers, so if you spot him make sure you say hi.

Nigel's Raving About...

“Zizzi’s restaurant! In a rush to get to the cinema the waitress expedited our meals with the kitchen staff and promptly brought over the bill as soon as we were finished eating. A small, helpful touch that’s turned me into a Raving advocate. If only I could have acknowledged this great service with a simple text message!”

Kenny Bain, CEO, Rant & Rave

Kenny Bain


About Kenny

As CEO, Kenny is responsible for overseeing the execution of our ambitious growth strategy, focussing on enhancing existing customers and their CX strategies as well as identifying international expansion opportunities.

With more than 14 years of experience in the customer engagement marketplace, working in roles for global organisations such as PWC, KANA Software and Graham Technology, Kenny has a proven track record in building market-leading businesses.

Kenny's Raving About...

“Apple! I went from a Blackberry to an iPhone and haven’t looked back since. Their products are transformational in terms of usability and design”

Jen Morris

Head of Marketing

About Jen

As Head of Marketing, Jen is responsible for leading the team to success in all areas of the Marketing sphere including lead generation, brand awareness, strategy and communications. Joining the team in 2010, Jen has spent the last seven years building and developing Rant & Rave’s unique position in the VoC industry. Passionate about all things CX, she works closely with the rest of the board to ensure we remain a competitive and disruptive force in the market.

Jen's Raving About...

“Nationwide! I was never passionate about banks until I experienced a bad one. I switched to Nationwide and I’ve never looked back. Most of the time I don’t have any need to speak to them but when I do there’s always a friendly person on the end of the phone to talk to. They make everything easy and I genuinely Rave about them to anyone that will listen!”

Phil Evans

VP Sales

About Phil

As VP Sales, Phil is responsible for overseeing our large team of Field Sales and Business Development Managers and ensuring that the numbers on our balance sheets keep going up! Having spent the last 15 years working at both large Corporates and small Start-ups, Phil’s got bags of sales experience behind him. Outside of work Phil doesn’t like to sit still – he’s done the LEJOG challenge, cycling the length of the UK in just 8 days (yes, we were impressed too!) and even travelled around Europe for 6 months with his wife and two children!

Phil's Raving About...

“My local curry house, the Ellora in Solihull! Whenever I go there they make sure I’m looked after, whether it’s by giving me my favourite spot in the restaurant, remembering the dish that I order, or giving me a free beer whilst I wait! They know exactly how to make their customers feel special!”