Your employees make or break your customer experience

So why wouldn’t you want to keep them as engaged and motivated as possible? Our Frontline Engagement solution lets your employees see how they’re performing in the eyes of your customers through a gamified dashboard. Meanwhile, our Voice of the Employee solution ensures that their voice is heard too by capturing their feedback in real-time. Empowering your frontline heroes and elevating your customer experience.

Frontline Engagement

All for one and one for all

Our Frontline Engagement dashboard is designed to take the Voice of your Customers and present it back to your employees in a fun and engaging way – perfect for giving your team the opportunity to see how they’re doing and self-coach, whilst allowing team leaders and managers to drill down into performance. Ensuring you’re always delivering the best possible customer experience.

  • See all of their customer feedback in one place
  • Create their own personal profile, exactly as they would on Social Media
  • See what areas they need to improve on
  • Compare their performance to their co-workers or other departments
  • See how all of their team members are performing on a live League Table
  • Identify top performers or those that need a little extra encouragement
  • Improve team performance by identifying where training may be needed
  • Create a buzz around the office with competitions and spot prizes for high scores
  • Drill down into each region, store or department’s performance
  • Identify where changes to your business need to be made quickly
  • Recognise outstanding team leaders and those in need of support

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Need convincing?

“The insight gained from the implementation of Rant & Rave has shaped the way we operate as a company. The Frontline Engagement solution gave the project a competitive edge and educated staff on the impact they were having on the overall service provided by OVO.

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Voice of the Employee

The missing piece of your CX programme

With our Voice of the Employee solution, you can capture employee emotion in real-time and drive immediate action. Not only that, but you can also communicate back out to your employees, keeping them in the know on how their feedback is shaping your business.

At a glance

Let your employees share their feedback at anytime via always-on listening posts
Trigger feedback requests and track against your success measures
Consolidate your employee and customer feedback data
Convert emotion into insight with our advanced sentiment analytics
Give employees a choice by using multiple channels to capture feedback
Communicate back and let employees know what you’ve done with their feedback

Rant & Rave Voice of the Employee

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