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Voice of the Customer programme?

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The Problem in CX

Forrester recently highlighted that times are changing for the CX industry. Customers are interacting in new ways that are making old school surveys obsolete. Feedback programmes need to be conversations with customers that actively turn insight into action, helping to drive a customer-first culture.

We all know that crafting and managing a successful Voice of Customer programme is a challenge, but true CX success can be achieved by establishing the right approach with the right mindset.

If businesses are serious about evolving their CX strategies, they need to surface insights in real-time and ensure they’ve formalised a process to feed these insights up to board level. The next part is critical, businesses must use informed decision – making to take action, enabling them to truly transform based on their customer feedback.

Take the quiz!

There are five core areas CX professionals need to tackle in order to drive a successful CX programme:

1. Clear Direction

2. Active Listening

3. Compelling Leadership

4. Empowered Employees

5. Customer First Culture

How to Measure VOC Maturity

If a key stakeholder was to ask, ‘how mature is our CX programme?’ or ‘which areas do we need to focus on as a business?’, you’re far more likely to build confidence and engagement if you’ve got a clear view and a well-defined answer.

So, we decided to build the ultimate cheat-sheet, helping you to truly understand where your VoC programme sits in terms of maturity and success. You’ll also have the ability to identify the areas that you’re struggling with or need to build alignment around. This birds-eye view will be key in prioritising your focus, amazing news right?!

How it Works…

Below you’ll find our self-assessment questionnaire. Use the scale to select where you think your programme and business fits, then we’ll total up your score to find out whether you’re a CX superstar or whether there’s room for improvement.

Remember, we’re here to help, and if you want to understand more about any of the areas we’ve identified then simply send us a message by clicking right here, and one of our Ravers will get back to you straight away. Alternatively, we’ve got a wealth of Raving content here which will help you with each area of your programme.


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