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It’s no secret that when it comes to travel, leisure and hospitality, your customers just want to kick back and enjoy the ride. We may not be the captain of your ship but we can provide some suggestions to ensure it’s plain sailing from here on.

Guess who?

Hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of customers walk through your doors each year, but the amount of data you hold on them can be limited. Without the right details, asking for feedback is tricky – but what if there was a way? Listening Posts enable your customers to share their feelings in the moment, without the need for solicitation.

Taking the direct route

Using social media and online review sites to feed back is becoming the norm for consumers, and unsurprisingly so. Often, there isn’t an easier way to tell the brand how they’re feeling and get a quick response. Providing a way for customers to feed back directly not only takes them off public forums, but reduces the time it takes to recognise they’re unhappy too, enabling you to close the loop in real-time. Recovering customers has never been so easy.

Talkin’ ‘bout the regulation

The powers that be may be watching, but that shouldn’t be the driving force behind your Voice of the Customer programme. Capturing emotion in real-time allows you to recover unhappy customers before the regulators follow up, often leading to higher scores in their surveys.

It’s not about the money, money, money

When it comes to price there’s currently a race to the bottom, but many brands simply can’t – and shouldn’t – compete on price alone. With that off the cards, customer satisfaction and experience is the differentiator of choice, so understanding how your service compares to your customers’ expectations should be a top priority.

So, let’s do something about it…

So emotional, baby

With brand loyalty being so difficult to earn and emotion the only accurate predictor of future customer behaviour, asking your customers how they feel has never been more important. Refine your approach to customer feedback and throw the survey in the bin. You’ll get a far more honest answer, with a greater breadth of insight, if you simply let your customers tell you what matters to them.

The information age

Keep your customers on the right tracks by proactively informing them of any changes to their booking or service, and asking about their experience after an interaction. By providing real-time updates, you can prevent unwanted contact to your customer service teams, freeing up your heroes on the frontline to do what they do best – save your customers!

Engage the troops

We all know that employees are just as important to an organisation as customers. Your frontline can make or break the customer experience, so why aren’t we offering them the same opportunity for their voices to be heard? Let your employees tell you how they feel, not only in the annual survey, but whenever they feel like it. After all, engaged employees help to reduce churn rates as they make customers feel truly valued.

So many channels, so little time

You may not know who’s going to walk through your doors, but one thing you can be certain of is they’ll all have different preferences on how and when they want to interact. Offer them the choice by adopting a multi-channel approach to feedback, so whether they’re a social media addict or an avid texter, you’ve got them covered. Our always-on Listening Posts even provide your customer the option to share their thoughts at a time that suits them.

Using our Social Listening Posts, First Bus empower customers to initiate the conversation how and when they want to, capturing real-time emotion and using emojis to get the conversation rolling.
Using our Social Listening Posts, First Bus empower customers to initiate the conversation how and when they want to, capturing real-time emotion and using emojis to get the conversation rolling.

Our customers have…

Reduced the cost of complaints by over 30%

Achieved response rates of over 30%

Measured CSat increases of 6.5%

Recorded savings of 20% on feedback budgets


“Using Rant & Rave means that our customers can tell us how they feel about their journey in the moment, allowing us to react more quickly to drive improvements. The ‘at a glance’ dashboard also means we can easily share customer feedback - and the actions we’re taking - with our frontline teams, driving greater ownership of customer experience at all levels of our business. We’re at the start of our journey with Rant & Rave and I’m excited by the enormous potential this has to help us engage our teams more effectively to deliver a better experience for our customers.”

Melanie Rees | Director of Customer Experience | First Bus

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