Powering up their VoC Programme

On their mission to become truly customer-centric, UK Power Networks implemented the Rant & Rave Platform to capture a greater quantity and quality of insight. As a distributor, they’re only contacted by customers when things go wrong, such as a power cut or an access issue and as they operate in a regulated industry, it’s key for them to get things right for the customer and take action before issues turn into complaints.

The Rant & Rave Platform has not simply given UK Power Networks the ability to capture real-time customer feedback, but also provided them with a destination for their 300 agents to track customer satisfaction scores, call volumes, response rates and insight. UK Power Networks are so dedicated to doing the right thing for the customer that they’ve even introduced a recovery loop, with the resolution team calling every customer giving a score of 8 or below.

Rant & Rave Case Studies - UK Power Networks

Lights, camera, ACTION!

A key win for UK Power Networks has been the introduction of a consistent recovery loop, with all customers who give a score of 8 or below now being contacted.

Rant & Rave’s Recover module has given the resolution team greater insight to work with, making it clear and easy for them to see which calls to prioritise. Focusing on the highly emotive issue of power cuts, 34,000 of the customers affected last year gave a score of 10/10, something which highlights the great work their resolution team is doing.

The proof's in the pudding...

Gone from capturing 400 items of feedback to over 17,700 pieces of feedback a month

Customer Satisfaction Score of 8.84

By asking for feedback and taking action in real-time, customers now score UK Power Networks 1.05 points higher when they’re surveyed by the regulators a week later!

Achieved a response rate of 28%

What they have to say...

"Rant & Rave has allowed me to change my business to make it more customer-focused. When you're getting the level of insight and detail that I'm getting out of my Rant & Rave dashboard it's an easy job to convince the company to invest in the customer experience."

Alex Williams | Contact Centre Manager | UK Power Networks


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