Why the glass is always half full for Scottish Water

Scottish Water had a problem. To find out what their customers thought of them, they were sending out surveys via snail mail. They needed something to help pick up the pace, which is where Rant & Rave stepped in to help. Rather than receiving a survey in the post, customers now get a text message, call or email the day after an interaction. All they’re asked is one question – “how satisfied are you?” – which they can reply to in their own words. Rant & Rave’s Sentiment Engine analyses all of the feedback in real-time, so whether it’s a complaint, praise or a great new idea, Scottish Water can instantly see where they need to take action.

Rant & Rave Case Studies - Scottish Water

Lights, camera, ACTION!

By surfacing what customers talk about most, not only have Scottish Water been able to improve their customer experience, but also revamp their recruitment process. They’ve successfully identified the core values that applicants need in order to create and deliver a game-changing customer experience. In essence, they’ve learnt what their customers love and now actively recruit based on these skills, attributes and values.

The proof's in the pudding...

Above average Customer Satisfaction score of 88%

Average 30% response rate across all channels

50% response rate from text messages alone

29% decrease in complaints

What they have to say...

"As a company that prides itself on offering first class customer engagement platforms, it’s no surprise that Rant & Rave really do practice what they preach – their customer service is outstanding and we’ve always felt 100% supported and confident in their ability to deliver. Even though the Fast Feedback solution is clearly impressive, Rant & Rave aren’t complacent with this. They have, and continue to put a massive focus on new innovations, and actively engage us in this process, which highlights that their customer’s needs are at the heart of Rant & Rave’s future."

Brian Henderson | Customer Experience | Team Leader

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