Providing a premier customer experience…

In the competitive hotel market, great rooms and keen pricing simply aren’t enough, so Premier Inn wanted to raise the bar when it came to their customer experience.

They recognised that along their customer journey there were key moments of truth where their customers could be won or lost.

Using the Rant & Rave Platform, Premier Inn now sends proactive text messages and emails at each of these points along the journey, keeping customers reassured with booking confirmations, reminders, and directions to the hotel. Guests are even given the opportunity to make a booking in the restaurant by text message – providing customers with an effortless experience before they’ve even stepped through the door.

The proof's in the pudding...

No-shows reduced by 20%

£1M worth of savings

Multi-channel booking confirmations sent to six million guests

Additional 84,000 restaurant bookings a year

What they have to say...

“It’s great to have a supplier who cares about our guests as much as we do!"

Siobhan Fagan | Head of Customer & Business Solutions | Premier Inn


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