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What happens when your world Orbits around your customers?

Orbit were conducting telephone surveys with customers to monitor satisfaction, but found that advisors were often cherry-picking who to put through to the survey depending on how the call went. As well as generating low response rates, the process resulted in disengaged staff who weren’t involved in the feedback loop.

By introducing Rant & Rave’s Frontline Engagement solution, these problems are now a thing of the past! The gamified dashboard shows advisors the feedback related to them, as well as how they fare against their colleagues in a live League Table.

By engaging employees in the feedback loop not only are they empowered to own the customer experience, but they’re also able to learn from each call and self-coach.

Rant & Rave Case Studies - Orbit Group

Lights, camera, ACTION!

As they’re dedication to customers has no end, Orbit solicited a first-impressions survey for those who were in the process of moving-in. A common complaint surfaced – their heating had not been activated, leaving the house freezing. Orbit Group immediately raised this with contractors to ensure that going forward, heating was available, making a significant improvement in satisfaction and reducing inbound calls to the contact centre.

The proof's in the pudding...

First ever housing association to use real-time feedback

Reduced the number of advisors on performance plans by 70%

Seen sickness levels drop to under 5%

Recorded a 20% saving on its feedback budget compared to its previous capture mechanism

What they have to say...

"Rant & Rave has allowed Orbit to bring the voice of the customer front and centre within the business, change the way we think about service improvement and ensure that staff at all levels start to engage and own customer feedback. The Fast Feedback solution has delivered a customer-centric approach to gathering and using feedback that is both flexible and future proof. It is delivering results that are truly action orientated and visible across the organisation. It is having a genuine impact on our service delivery and improving the Orbit customer experience."

Dean Ballard | Head of Performance Excellence | Orbit Group

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