Taking the Customer Experience Hire and Higher…

Market research carried out by HSS found that many customers were dissatisfied with how easy it was to raise a complaint, the time that passed before the complaint was acknowledged and the total amount of time it took for their issue to be resolved.

They wanted to be able to measure, fix, learn and close this feedback loop. The Rant & Rave Platform enables them to do exactly that, all in real-time!

Rant & Rave Case Studies - HSS Hire

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Really listening to the voice of their customers and taking action has allowed HSS Hire to improve their products and services. A trend in feedback was identified which showed that customers were struggling to understand how to get the most out of the equipment they were hiring. As a result, HSS created over 20 ‘top tip guides’ which are kept in branch, and launched a range of ‘how to’ videos online. This has not only helped reduce complaints, but also proved an invaluable resource for new colleagues, helping them to develop their product knowledge too.

The proof's in the pudding...

Quadrupled response rates from 5% to 24%

Retained 93% of customers that have complained by closing the loop and taking action

Captured 80% more feedback than via their legacy survey

Reduced their complaints ratio from 5.4% to 4.0%

What they have to say...

"Since working with Rant & Rave we’ve come on an amazing journey together. It’s felt more like a partnership, sharing knowledge and driving innovation in both organisations. The platform has really helped HSS gain clarity of how our customers truly feel. This intelligence has helped HSS drive improvements that have totally delighted our customers and colleagues."

Lisa Bartley | Customer Care Director | HSS Hire

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