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Whilst passionate about providing outstanding customer service, Flagship Homes recognised that their Voice of the Customer programme was falling short of the insight they needed to help them deliver on this promise.

Two full time members of staff dedicated their days to calling customers and enquiring about their experiences – a time-consuming process resulting in little feedback and highly inefficient resourcing.

Now, for the first time ever, customer feedback is visible to every employee in the company, from the CEO, to contact centre agents, meaning everyone can see the impact their role is having, in real-time.

Rant and Rave - Case Study Video - Flagship Homes

Lights, camera, ACTION!

After issuing their NPS survey, employees from around the business (not just the customer insight team!) take part in a ‘Feedback Frenzy’. During this period they call all poor-scoring customers (0-6) to help resolve their problems, and personally thank promoters (9-10) for their feedback.

The proof's in the pudding...

Made savings of around £40k in resourcing costs

30% response rate to text message feedback requests

Collected 1,000 lines of feedback per month since going live

Began crowning ‘Ravers of the week’ based on customer-centricity

What they have to say...

“I love working with Rant & Rave, they’ve really brought a lot to our business and created a real step change in the way that we understand customer service.”

Claire Wright | Head of Customer Insight | Flagship Homes

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