Water great way to get to know your customers…

In response to Ofwat’s introduction of the Service Incentive Mechanism, Affinity Water wanted to be able to demonstrate that they were actively listening and responding to their customers’ feedback.

By partnering with Rant & Rave to capture real-time feedback off the back of their customer interactions, Affinity Water were the first UK based water company to use the CSAT metric as a way of monitoring their customers’ satisfaction, and also first to use text messages as a way of gathering customer feedback.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Affinity Water has demonstrated how listening to customers has enabled them to focus on what truly matters and as a result have built a programme that allows them to quickly surface and action insights.

By identifying negative customer feedback based on their online experience, it was apparent that when customers were creating and managing their online account the input date of birth didn’t have date options that went back far enough. They’d assumed that only customers under the age of 90 would go online to pay their bills, so when a customer born in 1925 highlighted this, they instantly updated the date-picker and changed their thinking.

The proof's in the pudding...

Verbatim response rates increased by 16% as a result of dynamic SMS replies based on customer feedback scores

35% decrease in complaints

Same day call back to address customers’ problems

36,000 responses each year

What they have to say...

''With the Rant & Rave Platform we’ve been able to take our CX to new heights. Our Customer Success Manager, Beth, and the wider team have helped us to challenge our thinking and understand exactly how we can turn customer feedback into action."

Krystal Buckland | Customer Experience Transformation Manager | Affinity Water


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