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Dashboards, CRM systems, satisfaction reports… there’s now a never ending list of resources you need to check and monitor in an effort to get closer to your customers. You know that they’re all important, but how can you cut through all the noise, take action and measure the impact?

What if you could capture real-time feedback from your customers and view it from within Salesforce – together with all of the powerful customer information that already sits there?
Rant & Rave for Salesforce lets you do exactly that – empowering you to connect with your customers, partners and employees on an emotional level.

I get so emotional baby…

Rant & Rave for Salesforce is designed to allow you to understand the why behind customer behaviour, and then do something about it.

Track sentiment over time

Whilst Salesforce provides a full history of how your customers have interacted with you, Rant & Rave captures their feedback in their own words and maps how their satisfaction levels differ over time. Whether you choose NPS, C-Sat or a different metric entirely you can capture their score and the reason for it. So if you’ve introduced a new process, or made a significant change you can trace the impact through the voice of your customers.

Listen when they want you to

Because you can’t always predict when a customer will want to share their views, Rant & Rave makes it easy for them to let you know whenever and in whichever way they feel the need. Whether they choose text message, voice message or email, all comments are tracked against their individual records in Salesforce.

Understand, instantly

Imagine how long it would take to read every comment your customers shared with you, then think how valuable it would be if you could understand it all, instantly. Rant & Rave’s Sentiment Engine automatically detects what area of the business your customers are talking about and whether they’re doing so in a positive or negative light – so you can take action.

Why Rant & Rave for Salesforce?

A picture paints a thousand words

Rant & Rave for Salesforce is designed to present the voice of your customers in a fun and engaging way – perfect for giving your team the opportunity to see how they’re doing in real-time.

Sentiment driven service

Because all feedback is mapped to each individual customer’s records, informed decisions can be made about how to route their call next time they make contact. Repeat callers who may have a more complex issue can be put straight through to a skilled agent with experience of their case, while agents in training can focus on more routine calls.

Real-time coaching

Team leaders and management can tailor how they slice, dice and view the feedback received. As well as recognising top performers amongst their staff they can also quickly identify those who might need a little more encouragement. They can compare scores on all areas, and recognise where changes and process improvements need to be made.

Customer Feedback gamified

Each employee has their own profile, using their Salesforce Chatter image for a personal touch. They’re then able to view all feedback received about them – letting them know where they’re excelling and areas in which they might need to improve. To add a competitive edge you can also choose to let them see how they’re performing in comparison to their peers in a live league table.

Why Rant & Rave for Salesforce?

What’s in it for you…?

Seamlessly request feedback

By using our solicitation API to automatically request feedback from customers based on specific business rules – for instance where they are in a process or how many times they’ve interacted with you, you can capture their thoughts without touching a button.

Take action based on sentiment

There’s no point in gathering feedback unless you’re going to do something with it. Set up rules within Salesforce to route feedback (and future calls) to the best agent or department for the job, so they can take appropriate action.

Increased agent engagement

Because only one screen is required to handle a customer’s call and see their feedback history, your agents will ‘know’ who they’re talking to and how they feel about your business, without them having to say a word.

Customer centric KPIs

By adding the voice of your customers to traditional key performance indicators you add valuable emotional context – you might just find out some things matter to your customers more than you realised.

More insight

Capture the right volume of feedback from the right people, at the right time. Find out how your employees, departments or regions are performing on a range of topics.

Evidence based coaching

There’s nothing more powerful than the actual words of your customers to influence employee behaviour. Don’t just rely on intuition to make changes – prove their importance.

If you can’t beat them

Some of the most customer centric organisations in the world are already using Rant & Rave. Join them.

View Rant & Rave for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange     Find out more

View Rant & Rave for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange

Rant & Rave for Salesforce

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