A little communication goes a long way…

Picture your customers’ journey through their eyes – they’ve made a booking, purchased an item or requested information from you, but how often do they hear from you after that initial interaction?

Customers don’t want to be bombarded with spam, but they do want to be kept in the loop – and just one proactive message can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a Raving fan that will tell all of their friends about you.

So why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to talk to your customers at every touchpoint?

Our Proactive Communication solutions are designed to not only make life just that little bit easier, but to help you to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations, by keeping them informed and engaged throughout their journey.

Walk this way, talk this way

It’s a fact of life that no two customers are the same (you wouldn’t talk to your granny in the same way that you would with your mate down the pub, would you?), which is why we believe in taking a multi-channel approach. The Inform Module allows you to keep all of your customers informed at the touch of a button – whether they’re a text message enthusiast, prolific emailer or simply prefer to hear another voice at the end of the phone.

By giving them all the information they need before they have to ask for it you won’t just keep them engaged, you’ll make it easier for them to be your customer and improve their experience.

If you need a little inspiration, consider using Proactive Communication to send out personalised marketing messages, confirmations of an order, updates on the status of a delivery or a reminder about an upcoming appointment.

The benefits to you and your customers?

Mobile first

Keep your customers informed via the one device that they always have on them!

Customers say YES!

94% of customers say they want relevant and timely text messages from a brand!

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Lights, Camera, ACTION

While it’s all well and good talking to your customers, wouldn’t it be great if they could say something back too? Whether a message has left them scratching their heads in confusion or they just want to make a small change without the hassle of calling your Contact Centre, the Interact Module let’s them carry on the conversation in real-time – turning your one-way communication into an intelligent two-way conversation.

Think of all the reasons why your customer might need to talk to you – perhaps they need to reschedule a delivery, send you more information to speed up an application, or would like to make a new booking… wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could reply straight back to your message?

By using the Interact Module you can not only enhance the Customer Experience, but improve your efficiency and ensure that process changes are handled with ease – without adding any pressure onto your already busy frontline staff!

The benefits to you and your customers?

“Under pressure”

Give yourself an easy life by automating your conversations!

“More, More, More”

Make up-selling an easy task by letting your customers add on services at the touch of a button!

Why use Proactive Communication?

Our Proactive Communication solution allows you to keep your customers Raving about you by going beyond their expectations and keeping them engaged throughout their journey. But don’t just take our word for it; here are some of the benefits our customers are enjoying…

DPD logo

DPD has set the standard for all logistics companies to aspire to. By keeping their customers engaged throughout the delivery process they’ve dramatically improved their efficiency and successful first time deliveries.

“Our customers now enjoy a reliable, convenient and efficient delivery experience.”

Steve Mills
Director of IT

Premier Inn use Proactive Communication to keep their customers engaged. They’ve reduced their no-shows by 20% and seen an additional 84,000 restaurant bookings each year, making and saving them millions of pounds in revenue!

“It’s great to have a supplier who cares about our guests as much as we do.”

Siobhan Fagan
Head of Customer & Business Solutions

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The Environment Agency use Proactive Communication to keep their Floodline Service running, sending immediate alerts to their most at-risk customers.

The MOD rely on Proactive Communication to send out thousands of urgent messages on a global basis as part of their Incident Communication strategy.