About Rant & Rave

Introducing Rant & Rave

The world is Ranting and Raving. Everyday customers discuss what they love and hate about companies, but they’re talking to each other, not the brand involved. Find out more about our customer feedback solution in this short video!

Rant & Rave Featured In The Telegraph

In just five minutes, this video will tell you everything you need to know about Rant & Rave – from our unique Platform to how we’ve helped Papa John’s transform the way they capture customer feedback.

Rant & Rave for Salesforce

What if you could capture real-time feedback from your customers and view it from within Salesforce – together with all of the powerful customer information that already sits there?

Rant & Rave for Salesforce lets you do exactly that – empowering you to connect with your customers, partners and employees on an emotional level.

Case Studies

Video Case Study: Flagship Homes

Flagship Homes has achieved 80% customer satisfaction since partnering with us and seen SMS response rates hit 30% as a result of becoming a customer-centric business.

Video Case Study: HSS Hire

Watch our video to find out how HSS Hire has captured 80% more feedback since partnering with us and seen a 93% customer retention rate as a result of listening and taking action in real-time.

Video Case Study: Scottish Water

Watch the case study to find out how we’ve helped Scottish water achieve a 29% decrease in formal complaints, an 88% Customer Satisfaction score and 50% response rates from SMS.

Video Case Study: Orbit Group

Watch our video to find out how Orbit Group has achieved up to 28% response rates, reduced the number of advisors on improvement plans by 70%, and recorded a 20% saving on their feedback budget using Rant & Rave.

Video Case Study: The Linde Group

Watch our video to find out how BOC (part of the Linde Group) has achieved a 1,400% increase in their response rates, seen their Customer Effort Score improve from +42 to +80 and recorded 4.4 million pounds in annual savings.


Testimonial: Royal Holloway

Watch our short video to find out from Mike Johnson, Director of Student Experience at Royal Holloway, what it is about us that keeps our customers happy!

Event Highlights

Raveolution 2017: Highlights

Raveolution 2017 brought the carnival to (London) town to showcase the very best in inspiring thought leadership and interactive presentations.

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Putting the Soul Back into CX: Highlights

Putting the Soul Back into CX explored the role that emotion plays in Customer Experience and the importance of people to people interactions – check it out.

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Raveolution 2016: Highlights

Customer Engagement Raveolution returned for its third year! With our famous pub quiz, cocktails and festival themed surprises throughout, Raveolution 2016 was the one customer experience event that you shouldn’t have missed.

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The Year of Emotion: Highlights

The Year of Emotion brought together 200 C-level execs from some of the world’s best brands, to discuss CX strategy, share best practice advice and experiences they’d rather forget!

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Raveolution 2015: Highlights

Raveolution 2015, hosted at the Bond in Motion Exhibition, returned on the 3rd November. Attendees enjoyed a day of insightful presentations, inspirational speakers, cocktails and a few surprises – take a look!

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CX Day 2015: Highlights

Have a look at our highlights video from our CX Day Event, hosted at LEGOLAND® Windsor. The day included expert speakers, real-time infographics and even a “snow-ball fight”!

Raveolution 2014: Highlights

Inspirational speakers, a pub quiz and British themed cocktails – we had a blast at Customer Engagement Raveolution 2014 and this 2 minute video reveals all the best bits!


Webinar: Employee Engagement

Learn about the irrefutable link between employee engagement and company performance, provided through first-hand experience from Wayne Hall, Senior Manager of Reward and Engagement at Dunelm and Rew Golding, Head of Channels and Partners for Rant & Rave.

Webinar: Discover Module

Calor join us to discuss how they’re using the words of their customers to drive a customer-centric culture and make data driven decisions – all by utilising the latest enhancements we’ve made to our Discover Module.

Rant & Rave and Marketforce Webinar - Turning Customer Feedback Into Action

Webinar: Turning Customer Feedback Into Action

Rant & Rave join Marketforce to uncover how brands can form greater emotional connections with their customers and turn their sentiment into advocacy. Find out how to put the contact centre at the heart of the organisation and re-think traditional hierarchies by overcoming the top-down model.

Webinar: Candidate Experience

Find out how to take great CX and apply it to the recruitment process – by asking candidates how they feel throughout the recruitment journey you can not only better understand your prospective employees, but use their insight to make quick-win changes and enhance your talent acquisition process.

Webinar: Rant & Rave for Salesforce

Rew Golding, Head of Channels & Partners, Rant & Rave and Jonathan Kershaw, Product Manager, Rant & Rave as they discuss the latest enhancements we’ve made to our Salesforce app – exploring how you can connect with your customers, partners and employees on an emotional level. 

Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa

Webinar: Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa

See Rant & Rave’s customer feedback integration for Amazon Alexa in action! We’ve integrated our real-time feedback technology with Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. For brands using the Amazon Alexa device, this will transform the way that customers’ feedback is captured!

Improving Experiences Webinar

Webinar: Improving Experiences, The Power of People

Join John Patterson, Director of Customer Experience, Sage and Rew Golding, Head of Channels & Partners, Rant & Rave as they discuss why Sage has partnered with Rant & Rave to better capture and understand the voice of their customers. The webinar explores the link between your culture, your people and your customers’ satisfaction.

Marketforce webinar featuring Rant & Rave focusig on customer sentiment

Webinar: Tracking Customer Sentiment, and Acting on it…

Rant & Rave feature in Marketforce’s latest webinar exploring how to create a successful feedback strategy and turn into real customer benefits.

Rant & Rave and Orbit group discuss how real-time feedback can transform an organisation's culture

Webinar: How Real-Time Feedback Can Transform An Organisation’s Culture

Hear from Orbit’s Head of Performance Excellence, Dean Ballard as he discusses how Orbit has reduced the number of Advisors on improvement plans by 70% and seen sickness levels drop below 5% by using the voice of their tenants to transform their culture.

Webinar: How Real-Time Emotion Can Lead to Real-Time Results…

Join Daragh Kelly (Insight & Decision Science Director, Sky) and Dennis Fois (CEO, Rant & Rave) in our On Demand Webinar as they discuss why Sky has partnered with Rant & Rave to better capture and understand the voice of its customers.

Webinar: Build A Great Customer Experience…

Watch our On Demand Webinar to hear from npower’s Voice of the Customer lead, Ben Wells, as he reveals why Voice of the Customer is important to npower!

Webinar: Customer Engagement For Rebels

Watch our On Demand Webinar to listen to Jason Sharpe, MD of SharpeBusiness, as he discusses how thinking differently about CX can benefit your company.

Webinar: Customer Experience In The Contact Centre

In our one webinar, we looked at how you can overcome some of the most commonplace struggles by taking advantage of the vast amount of customer intelligence available to you.

Webinar: Customer Engagement

Designed for senior executives, our Webinar looked at how you can bring your customers closer to your brand by exploring Customer Engagement best practices and case studies from leading organisations.

Webinar: Customer Satisfaction

In our one hour webinar, expert speakers explore why brands shouldn’t be content with satisfying their customers, instead they should aspire to delight them!