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The Rant & Rave Platform looks after every aspect of your customer journey, allowing you to proactively communicate, gather feedback and close the loop.

Proactive Communication keeps your customers in the loop – giving them a seamless experience while saving you time and money from inbound calls.

Fast Feedback listens and reacts in real-time to ensure you know exactly how your customers and employees are feeling right now.

Frontline Engagement makes your employees cx heroes, gamifying the call centre experience to enhance engagement and share feedback.

Rant & Rave for Salesforce puts customer feedback in your world, with our data sitting seamlessly alongside all your existing customer data.

Discover combines all of your feedback, reports and data analysis in one place, bringing to light any trends or themes.

Listening Posts let you understand the experiences of all, uncovering insights to turn silent shoppers into Raving customers.

Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa is a new era for customer service – allowing customers to share feedback quickly and easily in their own words.

Rant & Rave for Digital puts feedback in the customer’s hands – ensuring valuable sentiment is never lost in the digital world.

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