The emotion of the silent majority

“Emotion is the most important aspect of customer experience. Rant & Rave are leading this area.”

Professor Moira Clark, Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management

The emotion of our customers is becoming paramount to our success, but what is customer emotion and how can we take advantage of it along the customer journey?

Our directors’ briefing explored:

How to take advantage of both positive and negative customer emotion
How to capture the voice of your silent customers
Why banks and building societies are in a great position to understand and act on customer sentiment
Why surveying for what you think you need to know might be preventing you from discovering the true emotions of your customers


Martin Hill-Wilson

Customer Service, CX & Digital Business Strategist at Brainfood Consulting

“Martin’s focus on customer service was exactly what I needed to bring a global team together to create a cohesive customer service strategy.” 

Global Customer Service Director at Direct Wines

Jerry Angrave

Formerly of Lloyds Banking Group, now MD and empathetic CX leader at Empathyce

“Genuine expertise, empathetically imparted by someone like Jerry should automatically be part of the way we do business”.

Chief Executive of LBC Wise Counsel

Dennis Fois

CEO, Rant & Rave and former VP Cash / Liquidity Management at Barclays Bank

“Dennis is a smart, creative and strategic thinking leader whose vast experience across global markets enables him to motivate and create winning teams.”

Partner at Scholand Beiling