Our speakers explored how to bring customers and brands closer together, how to create a truly customer centric organisation and the journey to Customer Experience excellence.

Professor Moira Clark

Customer Management Director
Henley Centre

Bringing customers and brands closer together

Mike McMaster

Research Director
Rant & Rave

How to create a truly customer centric organisation

Helena Boulton

Head of Systems
News UK

How to transform your organisation through Customer Experience

The workshop explored how to:

Enhance the customer experience through timely, relevant, personal and proactive communication
Listen to the voice of every customer and act on insights to make continual improvements
Get your employees engaged, excited and fully behind your customer strategy
Reduce effort for both you and your customers
Go from a good customer experience to a great one!


Fantastic Customer Experience Workshop at Henley Business School yesterday with Rant & Rave... you need to develop a customer orientated culture and put the customer at the heart of the business.

Great session, I especially enjoyed Professor Moira Clark's session.

Many thanks for a very energising and informative day last week - thanks to all!

A few Aha's at Rant & Rave Workshop. Emotion is my driver!

#CXEmotion At Henley Business School for Customer Effort Workshop with Rant & Rave - What a Buzz! BRILLIANT.

It was by far the best event I have had the pleasure to attend – I think due to the excellent key speaker, the Infographic artist, the interactive elements, the venue and of course the superb hosts.

I attended your Customer Experience Workshop yesterday at Henley Business School - I thought it was brilliant.

Thank you for a very interesting day last week at the Customer Experience Workshop.

Poll results

Live Polls were conducted throughout the day and the results were used to populate the Infographic and answer attendees’ burning questions.

In one sentence how would you describe customer experience?

Do you consider emotion as an important part of customer experience?



Where would you consider yourselves when it comes to customer experience maturity?

We just collect feedback


We collect and analyse feedback


We do the above and collaborate with other areas of the business


We do all of the above and are using the insight to transform our business


Do you factor in emotion when building your business case (ROI)?





In one sentence, based on what you have heard today how would you now describe customer experience?