The world is Ranting and Raving…

But are you really listening? Your customers are your greatest source of learning – they live and breathe your brand’s products and services every day. But asking for feedback and not doing anything about it can often be more damaging than never asking in the first place.

From capturing customer feedback, to making sense of it and giving you the tools you need to take action, our Fast Feedback solution is designed to give all the insight you need to help keep you focused on the road ahead.

Live in the moment

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – you wouldn’t ask a friend how their birthday/party/work presentation had gone weeks or even months after it happened, so why do so many brands find themselves doing it when asking customers for their feedback?

The moment has gone, and the insight into how you’re performing has been lost to conversations with their friends and family or worse, their social media followers.

We believe in just three things – ask your customers in real-time, let them reply in their own words and make it easy for them to share their feedback.

Our Fast Feedback solution allows you to capture feedback through whatever channel suits your audience best. But if you’re taking the time to ask for feedback, you should make sure that you’re always there to listen too – even if it’s outside of your office hours.

When you know a customer is likely to give feedback, such as when they check out of a hotel or have received their parcel, Event Triggered Requests can be automatically set up to ask “how was it for you?”, allowing them to tell you exactly how they feel in real-time.

For the moments that you can’t predict, we use Listening Posts (advertised wherever your customer comes in to contact with your brand) to capture feedback whenever they feel the need to share it – so you can hear from people that chose not to buy from you too.

“From the horse’s mouth”

Ask customers for feedback in their own words and you’ll get far richer insight!

It’s all in the moment

Feedback is 40% more accurate when asked for in real-time.

eBook: The CX Daredevil's Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

Clever clogs…

Capturing feedback is only part of the challenge, to make the most of it you need to truly understand it.

The Sentiment Engine is what we like to think of as the brains behind the entire operation. For the techies amongst you, we use Natural Language Processing to understand every word accurately and in real-time.

But even the biggest brains need a helping hand sometimes. So whilst 80% of all feedback is understood instantly (including any obscure comments, idioms and emoticons), if the Sentiment Engine can’t quite work out if “hot” is referring to your store temperature or the new guy working on the tills, it will flag the feedback for our team to look at.

So you can just sit back, relax and know that all the hard work is being taken care of.


There’s no point in asking for feedback if you’re not going to do anything about it, which is why we give you everything you need to not only listen to your customers but actually improve their experience, by taking action in real-time.

Once your feedback has been captured and analysed it’s presented back to you on a customisable Dashboard, so you can respond to your customers and rescue any Ranters (or thank your Ravers!) in the moment.

Opportunities for growth and areas that need improvement are also highlighted, so you can instantly identify where you need to make tactical changes to your business and keep your customers coming back time and time again.

One stop shop

See all of your customer feedback and actions in one place!

“Techs appeal”

Our technology reveals 75% more insight (when compared to human analysts alone!)

Turn Ranters into Ravers…

There’s no point in asking for feedback if you’re not going to act on it. Our Recover module lets you respond to customers directly, assign tasks and escalate feedback in order of severity.

Discover more…

Our Discover Module is designed to help you see the bigger picture – showing data and customer feedback side by side, so you can explore any trends or themes.

Amplify the voice of your Ravers…

Doing a great job? Want the world to know? Our Amplify module lets you turn your ‘Promoters’ into vocal Ravers by encouraging them to share their positive feedback online.

Employee engagement at the frontline…

Our Frontline Engagement solution makes capturing feedback and measuring performance a fun and exciting exercise for the whole team.

Why use Fast Feedback?

Our Fast Feedback solution is designed to give you everything you need to not only capture insight in real-time, but take action too. But don’t just take our word for it; see what some of our customers have to say about us…

“The customer feedback has enabled us to manage customer expectations better. I haven’t worked with a more accommodating, accountable, knowledgeable and fun bunch of people.”

Andrew Gallagher
Senior Marketing Director

In the first six months alone Papa John’s received over 100,000 feedback responses! They’ve used the insight to make critical changes to their processes and product.

“Rant & Rave’s Fast Feedback solution has made a big difference – I’d go as far as to say that it’s revolutionised how we deliver our service at OVO.”

Justin Haines
Customer Service Director

Since implementing Rant & Rave, OVO’s response rate to customer feedback requests has increased by almost 50%, and their employee engagement has dramatically improved.

“By capturing and understanding our customers thoughts we can proactively make changes for the better and continue to keep customers happy by doing the things they have Raved about.”

Molly Finnegan
Customer Strategy & Insight Manager

By asking their customers for feedback in real-time, Scottish Water has seen response rates of up to 50%! They now understand what matters most to their customers.

“Rant & Rave is fantastic. The real-time time feedback is a real gift, the way the speech analysis works is truly amazing technology.”

Matthew Pensom
Customer Service Coach

HomeServe rely on Rant & Rave to ensure that all of their customers have the opportunity to have their voice heard. The feedback is then used to make sure all of their processes are customer-centric.

Interested in our Fast Feedback Solution?

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“As a company that prides itself on offering first class customer engagement platforms, it’s no surprise that Rant & Rave really do practice what they preach – their customer service is outstanding and we’ve always felt 100% supported and confident in their ability to deliver.

Brian Henderson – Customer Experience Team Leader