Employees are customers…

Much like your customers, your employees’ preferences and expectations are ever evolving. With social media and review sites like Glassdoor, employees are continuously sharing their experiences and defining your brand, so keeping them engaged is more important than ever before.

As employees become more mobile, autonomous and diverse, the traditional top-down annual survey approach is an increasingly outdated measure and mechanism for engagement.

What if you could establish a truly interactive relationship with your employees throughout their arc of employment?
Rant & Rave Employee Engagement
With Rant & Rave’s Employee Engagement solution, you can capture employee emotion in real-time and drive immediate action. Not only that, but you can also communicate back out to your employees, keeping them in the know on how their feedback is shaping your business.

The missing piece of your CX programme…

Your employees are the heart of your brand and the hub of your customer experience. Rant & Rave’s Employee Engagement solution enables you to deliver a best-in-class employee experience, so they can focus on delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

A representative view

Understand exactly how your employees feel at every stage of their journey, by gathering feedback across their lifecycle and tracking sentiment over time.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Trigger requests to capture employee emotion and create a culture of continuous feedback, providing a constant view of your employees sentiment.

Always listening

Give your employees a platform to share their voice with you at anytime, so that they can tell you what drives their engagement and you can capture not only what they think, but also how they feel.

Accelerate action

Ensure relevant feedback is visible to stakeholders throughout your business, to drive instantaneous action and influence employee behaviour.

In the know 

Keep your employees informed throughout their journey, at the touch of a button – whether that’s to share updates such as company performance, or to shout about an action you’ve taken in a “you said, we did” communication.

Integrated EX and CX

Consolidate both your employee and customer feedback to explore associations between their experiences. This allows you to understand the cause and effect relationships between your employees and your customers.

The correlation between employee engagement
and consumer buying behaviour

The correlation between employee engagement
and customer satisfaction

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Giving your employees a voice

Let your employees share their feedback at anytime via listening posts that are always on

Trigger feedback requests and track against your success measures

Use role-based analytics and reporting to distribute relevant insights

Capture feedback from employees in the moment, in real-time

Consolidate your employee and customer feedback data

Use multiple channels to capture feedback and cater to the diversity of your audience

Combine multiple data sources to obtain a 360 degree view

Convert emotion into insight with our advanced sentiment analytics

Create personal and meaningful conversations by understanding employee emotion

Communicate out to employees to keep them in the know, be it via voice, email or SMS

Let employees know what you’ve done with their feedback

What’s in it for you…?

Elevate your customer experience

Employee experience and customer experience go hand in hand, a best-in-class customer experience is delivered by motivated, committed and engaged employees. By capturing emotion, you can identify what drives engagement and take action in real-time.

Inspire customer-centricity

By unifying your employee and customer feedback, you can identify emerging trends and put your customers in the hearts of your employees and, in turn, at the heart of your brand.

Power immediate action

Because our tailored dashboards put actionable insights immediately into the hands of users, you can create a culture of continuous feedback and improvement.

Measure state vs trait

Don’t just capture employee emotion at a snapshot in time, capture emotion across their journey so you can truly understand employee behaviour.

Measure success

Trigger feedback requests to track against your engagement initiatives, allowing you to measure the impact of changes and variables.

Boost employer branding

Let your employees tell you what drives their engagement, so you can turn your Ranting employees into Raving advocates.

Employees that are in the know

It’s no good acting on feedback if no one knows about it. Tell your employees how their feedback is driving change and improvements.

Holistic view of the employee

Understand how your employees feel across their entire journey, so you can tackle problem areas.

Rant & Rave Employee Engagement

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