Employee engagement at the frontline…

Agents, Partners, Team Members or Staff. Whatever you call them, your employees are the heart of your business, which is why Employee Engagement in the Call Centre is so important. They may not be going into battle any time soon, but they’re the face and voice of your brand and can ultimately make or break the customer experience.

So why wouldn’t you want to keep them as engaged and motivated as possible?

Our Frontline Engagement solution does exactly that – making capturing feedback and measuring performance a fun and exciting exercise for the whole team.

All for one and one for all

Frontline Engagement is designed to present the Voice of your Customers in a fun and engaging way – perfect for giving your team the opportunity to see how they’re doing in real-time.

Employees start by creating their own profile, adding their own Selfie (or Avatar, if they’re old school) to make it personal to them. On-brand statuses such as ‘Rockstar’ for a top performer, or ‘Rising Star’ for most improved, can also be used to reflect an employee’s score, encouraging them to strive for the next level!

All of your team’s average scores are displayed in a live League Table, representing their performance in a range of areas such as skills and knowledge, attitude and speed of service. All of this information is already captured from your Fast Feedback Dashboard, so there’s no need for further data!

Because employees can see all of their scores and feedback in one place, they’ll have clearer visibility on what they’re doing well or where they need to improve. But if you want to add a sense of friendly competition, you can share the live League Table with the whole team, encouraging everyone to stay on top of their game.

Why use Frontline Engagement?

Explore our on-demand webinar to discover how to build a true picture of your  customers.

At a glance

Frontline Engagement isn’t just for your employees – it can be tailored to your Team Leaders’ and Management needs too! Here are just some of the ways you can use it:

  • See all of their customer feedback in one place
  • Create their own personal profile, exactly as they would on Social Media
  • See what areas they need to improve on
  • Compare their performance to their co-workers or other departments
  • See how all of their team members are performing on a live League Table
  • Identify top performers or those that need a little extra encouragement
  • Improve team performance by identifying where training may be needed
  • Monitor the amount of feedback coming in
  • Drill down into each region, store or department’s performance
  • Compare scores on all areas
  • Identify where changes to your business need to be made quickly
  • Recognise outstanding team leaders and those in need of support

Where can you use Frontline Engagement?

What’s in it for you…?

Happy employees = Happy customers

When your employees are motivated and engaged they’re more likely to go the extra mile for your customers!

Evidence based coaching

Don’t just rely on intuition to make changes – use the Voice of your Customers to prove their importance.

A buzzing atmosphere

Keep staff engaged by introducing internal competitions, or giving away spot prizes to those with the best scores!

Personal development

Use the scores to identify where extra training may be needed, or whose performance deserves a higher place in the ranks.

Greater opportunities

Use your real-time customer feedback to instantly discover ways in which you can improve your brand and services.

More insight

Find out how your employees, departments or regions are performing on a range of topics, from speed of service to skills and knowledge.

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Need convincing?

“The insight gained from the implementation of Rant & Rave has shaped the way we operate as a company. The Frontline Engagement solution gave the project a competitive edge and educated staff on the impact they were having on the overall service provided by OVO.