Discover the needle in your haystack…

Reports, Spreadsheets, Data Analysis and Graphs – let’s face it, the business world is full of them and it’s someone’s job to make sense of it all. So it’s no wonder that sometimes things can get a little hazy, even before adding Voice of the Customer to the mix.

But what if you could see all of your data in one place, combining and comparing it at the click of a button?

The Discover Module is designed to help you see the bigger picture – viewing all of your data and customer feedback side by side, so you can explore any trends or themes.

At a glance

When it comes to analysing your data, we know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, so we make sure that the Discover Module is entirely personal to you, from the reports you view, to the look and feel on screen. All of your important information is then accessible from one place, making life just that little bit easier for you. Here are some of the ways you can use it:

The bigger picture

Search across all of your data by combining your customer feedback with external sources, such as Sales Reports, Call Centre Metrics or your CRM database.

The softer side

See things from your customers’ point of view by analysing softer measures like Customer Satisfaction and Effort Scores over your key performance indicators.

The Devil’s in the detail

Drill down into the performance of different departments, areas or channels and use your customer feedback to identify why any trends or themes are occurring.

One step ahead

Use your data and customer feedback scores to recognise where process changes need to be made and take action – turning your Ranters into Ravers.

Easing the load

Explore which data sources give you a better overview of what you need to know and cut them down as necessary, e.g. mystery shopping reports vs. real-time feedback.

One stop shop

See all of your business intelligence reports on one screen, with the option to have bespoke reports created for you if you’re looking for a little something extra.

Why use the Discover Module?

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