A match made in heaven

By integrating into your current systems and processes, not only are we the perfect fit, but so is emotion. Why? Because it’s authentic. By gathering the real and emotional experiences of your customers, you are able to paint a detailed picture of the kind of service you provide, not try and figure it out based on a selection of pre-determined scores.

Customers are able to leave feedback in entirely their own words, and the technology from our Sentiment Engine extracts exactly what they’re talking about, ensuring nothing is lost.

“Techs appeal”

Our Sentiment Engine uses intelligent Natural Language Processing to understand exactly what your customers are saying.

We’re metric neutral, so it doesn’t matter if you work with NPS, CSAT or CES, we’re able to get you the why behind any KPI you prefer. We go beyond just a score and allow customers to share their experiences in their own words, not a tick box.

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Hear from all of them

Real insight sits with every corner of your customer base, not just those who have time to answer endless questions. Traditional surveys restrict you to the feedback of a tiny proportion of customers that fill them in, how is this insight ever going to be actionable across your entire customer base?

Allowing customers to share what’s closest to their hearts through whatever means they choose to, has led to industry leading response rates. Suddenly, by removing the hurdle of a lengthy survey, and encouraging emotion, each one of your customers is able to express themselves in the way that most suits them.

Surveys are dead

Surveys are designed for the company, not the customer. Whether their experience was positive or not, customers must be able to speak freely in order to truly express their sentiments. Surveys filter out emotion, but true insight lies in capturing it.

The best CX programmes are the ones built on customer emotion. Using our Sentiment Engine, we extract emotion, allowing you to action it efficiently and in real-time.

A Return on Emotion

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t the soft stuff. (Rave)olutionsing your customer experience strategy has a proven
impact on your company as a whole. We’re not simply allowing you to connect to, and action your customers’
emotions, but to see a real return on them. Our many clients demonstrate how beneficial these systems are to
businesses, and we know we can transform yours too.

This isn’t our first rodeo

Linde’s Return on Emotion

See how Linde has recorded 4.4 million pounds in annual savings by connecting to, and actioning their customers’ emotions.