By choosing our proactive communication solution, DPD have not only enjoyed an improvement in the service they deliver to their customers, they’ve also enjoyed an increase in the performance of their supplier. In less than three months they had recorded an ROI on the proactive communication service.

They have also recorded a significant reduction in calling cards left to inform customers of a missed delivery. In addition, anecdotal evidence supports a marked improvement in customer experience and improved brand perception. Download the full case study to find out more.

Download the full case study:
The benefits Rant & Rave has brought to us are twofold. Not only do our customers enjoy a reliable, convenient and efficient delivery experience, the proactive communication solution has also allowed us to introduce additional resilience, streamline our processes and enjoy significant cost savings as a result. The collaborative efforts of the Rant & Rave and DPD technical teams allowed for a smooth, effective and highly successful implementation. 

Steve Mills | Director of IT | DPD and Interlink Express

Download the full case study to find out how our Proactive Communication solution helped DPD achieve:

Improved 1st time delivery
Service paid for itself in less than 3 months
Increased service performance 0 messages ‘dropped’