Here at Rant & Rave, we do things differently…

Rant & Rave provides customer engagement solutions with a difference. Created with the belief that fundamentally brands and consumers want the same thing – to deliver and receive great service – half of the FTSE rely on the Rant & Rave platform to proactively communicate with and gather fast feedback from their customers. Rant & Rave are also the only customer engagement vendor in the UK to be ISO 27001 accredited, the international standard that describes best practice for an Information Security Management System.

So whether you’ve heard of us before or you don’t know us from Adam, here are 8 reasons why we’re not like every Tom, Dick and Harry out there (and why we’ll be the perfect partner for you!)

1. We offer the total package.

We don’t like to brag, but we think our Platform is a pretty big deal. We’re the only UK provider to offer both a Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback solution as part of one all encompassing package – the Rant & Rave platform. Ensuring that you can keep your customers informed and engaged with speedy, multi-channel messages and capture their feedback in real-time.

Up close and personal

Our Platform handles over 500M interactions every year, helping to bring you and your customers closer together.

2. We get a lot of action.

There’s no point in asking for feedback if you’re not going to do anything about it, which is why we give you everything you need to not only listen to your customers but take real action too. Our solutions are designed to instantly identify where you need to make changes to your business, so you can respond to your customers (and rescue any Ranters) in real-time.

“Techs appeal”

Our technology reveals 75% more insight (when compared to human analysts alone!)

3. We’re quick workers.

Real life happens in real-time, so we do too. Whilst other providers may be able to produce a pretty report once a week, month or quarter, our solutions are designed to give you the information you need in the moment, so you can make changes quickly and efficiently. It’s that fast, our feedback solution has even helped rescue someone who was stuck in a hotel lift!

Ranters to Ravers

By working in real-time, our clients have seen on average a 36% reduction in complaints and a 50% increase in C-Sat, NPS and effort scores!

4. We’re really good listeners.

No survey can anticipate everything your customers think, so we keep things simple and make sure your customers can tell you how they feel in their own words, whenever they feel the need. Event triggered Requests can be sent at specific points when you know your customers are likely to give feedback, whilst our always-on Listening Posts are there for the moments that you can’t predict, so you never miss a thing.

Piece of cake

When you make it easy for them, customers will tell you everything you need to hear, in their own words.

Rant & Rave Frontline and Feedback in situ on laptop, iPad and mobile

5. We like to keep things easy.

We want to give you and your customers an easy life, so both our Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback solutions are multi-channel. Allowing you to not only engage your customers in the way that’s most convenient for them, but also proactively give them the information they need before they ask for it. Helping you to reduce customer effort, boost response rates and drive down low-value inbound calls.







We’ve got everyone talking

Our clients see up to 50% response rates by using our multi-channel Rant & Rave Platform!

6. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

A lot of providers claim to do text analysis, but we take things one step further. Not only do we use Natural Language Processing to understand the feelings and emotions of your customers, we combine it with real human analysis too. Our Sentiment Engine is already clever enough to pick up on sarcasm, idioms and emoticons but it will also automatically flag anything it’s unsure about for our team to look at. So we can get stuck in and make sure everything is understood correctly – Man and Machine working together.

Part Man Part Machine

80% of feedback is understood instantly through our Sentiment Engine – for the other 20% our analysts get stuck in!

7. We’re proud to be British.

Based in the heart of Warwickshire, our welcome mat is always rolled out at Raving Towers if you ever want to pop in for a good old English cuppa. You’ll never find yourself talking to a recorded robot or outsourced Call Centre agent with us. We’re on first name terms with all of our customers, so you’ll always receive a friendly and personalised service (with no dodgy socks and sandals in sight… promise).

Rave Britannia

Rant & Rave was born back in 2000, right here in the UK. Our Mission? To help brands take real-time inspired action through Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback.

8. We’re looking for like-minded brands to work with.

We’re always on the lookout for brands with the same ethos as us – those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and do things differently. So whether that’s already you or you’re looking for some inspiration, we’d love to be a part of your plans. When you join us, our dedicated team will help you with everything from innovative ways to engage your customers to strategy and future planning. And as all great partnerships work, we will learn from you too and grow (old) together.

Friends in high places

We work with half the FTSE, helping them to make and save millions of pounds in revenue each year.